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  • Understanding Formula Choices

    When other moms in a mother’s support group recently told my friend her use of formula to supplement her breast milk was like “feeding him fast food when you should b...

  • Should You Say “Yes” to the Pet?

    Are your kids begging you to get a pet? I’ve been there! Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, a hamster, chickens, even an octopus! We’ve had almost all possible childhood pets ...

  • 7 Tips to Calm Back to School Jitters

    Be it kindergarten, middle school or high school, the start of school can cause jittery feelings in our kids. I have seen it in my own kids and in kids I see in my office...

  • The News About Eczema

    It sounds like the old riddle about a newspaper – what’s black and white and read all over? – but a bit different. What’s red and itchy and dry all over? Eczema!

  • The Big Deal About Breastfeeding

    Recently, a couple came to see me for their first baby’s 2-week checkup. They were happy and tired. The baby was beautiful and gaining weight well. The mom reported tha...

  • Feeding a Picky Eater? Don’t Worry Too Much!

    Parents worry about their children. Believe me, raising 3 kids has made this clear! I also know that fretting about what and how much our kids eat will backfire.