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  • Healthy Meals for Kids? You Serve, They Choose

    One day when I was a medical student, I was assigned to work in the gastroenterology clinic. There weren’t many children who needed to be seen that day. 

  • 10 Nutritional Soundbites

    What’s a parent to do? The news is so full of nutritional advice it can seem impossible to know what to feed your kids to keep them healthy!

  • Fun Family Dinners? Here’s How!

    One night last week, as I was cooking dinner but feeling lazy after a long day of both mom-work and doctor-work, I got a craving. An unusual craving for me – I wanted t...

  • Welcome!

    From the first time your child gets an ear infection to when they first borrow your car keys – we’re here for you. Your pediatricians at Kaiser Permanente in Northern...