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My 10 Funniest Patients of 2018

Why do I love working with kids? Well, that’s an easy one – they make me smile every day. It’s a great way to work – surrounded by kids saying the craziest things! Here are my top 10 funniest patients of the year:

1.  As I sent a 5-year-old girl to get an X-ray, she said she’d been there before: “That’s where mom goes to get her boobs smashed!”
2.  A 5-year-old boy with a wart on his finger was brave enough to let me freeze the wart off with liquid nitrogen, something that kids twice his age are often too scared to let me do. He said that it was fun – just like “snowman kisses!”
3.  I asked my 6-year-old patient, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” He said, “A dinosaur.” I asked, “Meat or plant eating?” He looked at me as if I was nuts and said, “Definitely meat! What’s life without bacon?” Well, he might have a point!
4.  A 3-year-old girl asked me as I walked in the room, “Where are YOUR parents?”
5.  Another 3-year-old girl walked into my office, looked around and disappointedly said, “Where are the paints?”
6.  A 6-year-old boy was watching a little girl doing show and tell at school when he started feeling sick, so his mom took him to see me. He was having trouble telling me how he felt (nauseated? hard to breathe? dizzy?) so I talked to his mom to try to understand. Meanwhile the boy was drawing with my crayons on the exam table paper then tugged on my sleeve and pointed to his picture of an emoji with heart eyes. “That’s how I felt, Dr. Land!”
7.  After I walked a 9-year-old boy out to the stickers box to choose one, he seemed disappointed. He looked up at his mom and said, “I thought she said Snickers!”
8.  A 9-year-old told me, “When I was young, I wanted to be a doctor.” I asked him, “Now what do you want to be?” “An artist! Drawing is way more fun!” Hmmmm.
9.  A 6-year-old was studying me intently as I talked with his mom. After a bit he blurted out, “You have a lot more grey hair than the last time I saw you.”
10.  A 6-year-old boy was missing a front tooth. I said jokingly, “Where’d your tooth go?” He said, “It came out.” So I said (expecting the usual tooth fairy story), “What did you do with it?” “Sold it on eBay.” “Seriously?” “Yup.” And, his dad confirmed this!

Now, I ask you – why would I do anything else? #Ilovemyjob.

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