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My 10 Funniest Patients of 2017

My 10 Funniest Patients of 2017

Choosing what field of medicine to go into was easy. Working with children makes my days fun and meaningful. Of course, some are even more fun than others! Here are ten of the kids who made @KPKiddoc tweet out #ilovemyjob this year:

  1. I said, “Kick your shoes off, and I’ll take a look.” So he did – and his sneakers flew through the air, across the room, and right at me!
  2. A 7-year-old said to me, “My dad has a Ph.D. Do you know what Ph.D. stands for? Pretty handsome dude.”
  3. Me: “What fruits and veggies do you like?” Kid: “You can’t live without bacon!” Hmmm.
  4. Me: “Goodbye handsome.” Five-year-old: “She called me handsome, Dad! See – all the girls call me handsome.”
  5. I walked in the exam room to find my 4-year-old patient standing next to his mom and bench pressing her outstretched arm. He said, “Look Doctor Land. I’m super-strong!”
  6. My 6-year-old patient told me she’s designing an app called “Find My Friend.” The app:
    Shows their playdate location
    Lets them know if their mom says they can play
    Asks if they’d like to color or go to the park
  1. I walked into the exam room to see a mother sitting on the exam table, and the 6-year-old boy in the chair. I heard him say: “Mom quick. Take your shirt off too so the doctor won’t know who to see!”
  2. Me: “Do you have any questions?” Kid: “Are your eyes real?”
  3. Me to mother of an 8-month-old: “What is the baby eating these days?” Sister: “French fries!”
  4. And my favorite? A boy I see often who enjoys pulling out the step at the foot of the exam table and its stirrups to drive my “excavator!”

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